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Posted by on March 26, 2008

Hey everyone,

Perfectly Turbulent has been online for almost 8 months and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has taken the time to read any one of my postings, even if you hated it and called me a huge loser to your computer monitor, that’s cool too.

I’d really enjoy it if everyone would start commenting on the posts if they have an opinion, good or bad. Or even if you had a question you’d like to see answered by my psychosis. It would be cool to get a dialog going and see what is on everyone else’s mind out there. I mean, there HAS to be girls out there with some fantastic internet dating stories and I would love to hear them. Or even regular dating stories, I’ve got a few doozies of those. After reading my last post, someone I barely knew messaged me on facebook and gave me a run down of a number of internet and regular dating stories that made me laugh out loud so i thought I’d share the fun with all of you.

To keep his identity hidden, lets call this guy… Hans

Hans wrote:

Just read your blog on Internet dating. It was entertaining and spot on. I agree with your assessment of internet dating. It is a viable options, especially considering the amount of winners that can be found at the local bars.

All jokes aside, reflecting on the last year or so of my life I have had successes and failures on both sides of the dating coin.

BAR EXAMPLE #1 – Within a few months(or a week but the sex was good) the girl was annoying me so much that I broke up with her, at a club, while she was staying at my house for the weekend(she lived 2 hours away).

<non relevant to the discussion but something you will enjoy>

She started crying right away, I walked towards my friend Jordan. He was in a great mood and ready to party. I said to him, Jord, I am also in a great mood. But I just broke up with Dorothy so put your poker face on and make it look like we are having a serious conversation.

(I’ll admit, this story is a bit of an asshole move on Hans’ part but it makes me laugh at how volatile relationships can be. This poor girl travels far to visit a guy she’s probably head over heels for and gets dumped before a fun night out at the bar. I’d love to hear more about why this girl was so annoying to solicit the abrupt finale )

BAR EXAMPLE #2 – I met a girl who I went for after her friend shut me down. We dated for about 4 months. She is a really cool chick and we get along really well. I broke up with her because, at the time, she had been out of work for 2 months and wasn’t really looking. I couldn’t handle dating someone without a sense of self motivation. A month later she found a job teaching. We still talk today.

INTERNET EXAMPLE #1 – Facebook. Haha, yes it is a dating service. Met a girl, talked to her for a couple weeks online. She had a lot to say, opinions and dreams. We met up a few weeks later. Unfortunately, in person she had as much charisma as a pocket lint.

INTERNET EXAMPLE #2 – www. Hot or Thank you Cecchin. Started talking to a girl I double matched with in July. She lives 3.5 hours away so it didnt seem likely we would ever meet up. She came to visit me in December. We saw each other 3 of the next 5 weekends. If she lived in the area I would definitely commit to her and I am tempted to do so in spite of the distance between us.

Hans is without a doubt a serial dater and I applaud his efforts. There are a lot of people out there that are so damn picky that they’re afraid to go out with anyone, and that’s the irony. The pickier you are the MORE you should be dating, NOT NOT NOT less. Because you really have to sit down with someone and spend some time chatting in person and just hanging out to figure out if there is that workable chemistry between the two of you.

Emailing, instant messaging, and even the phone can only take you so far. You need to be able to see that person, smell them, watch their mannerisms, and notice the little things before giving the thumbs up or down on the situation. I call it the DNA test. There are schools of thought that say some people are just attracted to one another based on DNA matching and when two people meet their bodies just know that this could work. Obviously there are escalating factors that go from there, but I like that carnal theory.

Jurassic Park meets Serendipity.

Thanks for sharing your stories Hans. And thanks again to everyone that keeps coming back and motivating me to make time to post.

To end off the topic of dating here’s a great skit from MadTV – Lowered Expectations – Eddie Murphy

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