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The Brain, or is it the Mind?

Posted by on December 2, 2007

Its been said that the Brain is the physical part of the body that controls the nervous system and allows the body to function, while the mind is our thoughts, our dreams, our fears, and our hopes.

In actuality this is a semantic argument that for the moment, has no absolute truth, nor will ever be an interesting conversation. Its usually reserved for the kind of people that enjoy discussing who loves their child more and the difference between loving someone and being IN love with someone. All conversations that just turn in circles.

I find this happens more than it should. People rearranging and distorting meaning and reality to fit something more palatable. My all-time favourite of these is when someone told me its “good luck” if it rains on your wedding day. I mean seriously, how is that possible?? If that was true, England would be the luckiest place on the planet to get married.

Maybe these little sayings have their times and places of usefulness but isn’t the reality of life more important? Do we really just want to walk around always hearing “It’ll all be alright” from our friends when things are bleak. I know I don’t. If you’re my friend, give me reality and a different perspective, not a fuckin’ fortune cookie. Sometimes its healthy to look around the say, ‘Wow, things are really shitty right now. And not just normal shitty, I’m talking post chicken wings and indian food shitty.”

Right away, my expectations have been managed, I’m at ground level. I know where I am. When you have people around you just saying what they think you want to hear they lift you to unrealistic levels, which is good short-term, but when tomorrow comes and things are still shitty, you fall hard back to ground level. Sometimes embracing the severity of a situation, gives you a healthy vantage point to move forward from. Gives you a clearer view of the playing field.

Allow me to explain.

Lets say you’ve been fortunate enough to be born into a happy bubble. Great genes, lucky turns at every corner and a supportive perfect family. And I suppose you could insert another semantic battle here; if your life is all gummy drops and lollipops, do you ever truly appreciate it? Or does it take some sort of unfortunate accident, some tumble for you to realize how great things really were? And on the flip side, if someone has been dragged through the mud and emotionally worn down to the nub, I imagine that even the simplest of pleasures would resonate with satisfaction. Ok ok Im busted. I like semantic arguments, and if I ever have children, I will surely love them more.

I’m not exactly sure what my muse was for this post, especially since I haven’t posted in a while, but when these fingers feel like sharing who am I to stop the rush. I suppose it might be some of the simple pleasures I have been taking joy in lately.

Anything from the beauty of a Sunday morning walk on the way to meet a friend (see picture below) or even my ritual after lunch espresso that seems to taste better each day. I think I may have learned that sometimes, its all about the view.

Everyone needs perspective.

So do me a favour. Every now and again when you’re doing something you enjoy; reading your Saturday morning paper, eating your favourite meal, or maybe even chatting with a good friend over drinks, take a break…

…A few seconds (no longer) to flash to a time in your life that just sucked, where you thought to yourself how could things have ended up HERE. Now come back. Take a breath, look around, and I’m sure a smile will paint itself across your face. Because its impossible to know where you are, exactly where you are, unless you understand how you got there.


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