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The Hero Within

Posted by on December 17, 2008

Sometimes I need to write, just to write.

To put on screen, nee paper, the thoughts that bounce around my hat rack while searching through the cosmos to make sense of all that is part of this spinning ball we’ve been surfing on is my mental therapeutic massage.

I tend to read more than your average bear (well, at least more than the smart ones), but its not fiction novels or self-help books (not ALL the time anyways), or comics (not ALL the time anyways), but articles.  I’ve lately been reading articles on almost everything I can find online or otherwise.

Politics, Law, Fitness, Finance, Relationships, Education, Religion, How To Suck At Writing Blog Posts, Starting a business….and superheroes.  The latter is certainly the most entertaining and more times than not contains the least amount of bullshit.

Its amazing how many debates are going in the world where both sides are using fabricated arguments to defend their positions and neither wish to acquiesce on the side of understanding and growth. Though this seems to happen more and more in government, it is we the people that should be held responsible.

We criticize so closely and so intensely that we leave no room for error, no room for collaboration, and no air for intellectual growth.  Should a candidate ever be faced with the epiphany that his logic may not be the sound judgment he once thought it to be, he has no choice but to carry on that same path. For should he let up for a moment to accept and welcome wisdom into his life – or to even consider other avenues of thought for that matter – he is demonized as uncertain, wavering, or lacking in confidence and conviction (“How can we believe in someone who does not know what he believes in”).

We pray and wish for heroes to lead us, but in doing so forget that we’re all human.  We have weaknesses at times more numerous and powerful than our strengths.  But we hope and wish to be surrounded by such greatness that each and every person must survive through a jury of fire and rhetoric that no man can stand for too long.

We praise those that are confident in their beliefs and we commend those that hang onto their standards no matter what.  We say, “Good for you, for standing by your moral code, or your fiscal position” but these values are arbitrary, they’re all about perspective.  Why do we value certainty and confidence so highly without any checks and balances to the foundation of those beliefs? It is not irresponsible of our leaders or peers but irresponsible of ourselves to not hold one another accountable for our actions.

Many people in the world are waiting for a savior, someone to show them the way, and unfortunately this means at the same time they are looking away from themselves. We have stopped holding one another accountable and at the same time we have stopped all signs of healthy constructive dialogue.

Typically its the same people with the same beliefs discussing amongst themselves, furthering their own fabrications and opinions leading them further and further away from any actual discovery.  What we need is discourse, the ability to tell your friends or colleagues, “I respectively disagree with you, and this is why…”  and defend your position.  Yet most important is the ability to concede if your counterpart’s logic and perspective is superior to yours.  THAT is a discussion.  In the world today all I hear are arguments.  Right vs. Left, Talking head vs. Talking Head.  It seems to be always ME vs. YOU. In an argument, its a competition, but in a discussion it should be a collaborative mission to discover and understand perspective and truth.

In my opinion, to be an individual that can further the discussion and create a path toward truth without beginning the argument are today’s real heroes. These are the people that give us hope.

The hope of understanding one another.

The hope of realizing that what we believe and what we think is not always what is or what will be tomorrow.

The hope of one day realizing we’re all in this together and that at the end of the day most of this shit doesn’t really matter anyways.

This is the light for which we should be looking.

And for the record, I dare not say I exist as one of these people, but I do say that I aspire to be.

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