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The Inspiration to Write and Wander Come From Unlikely Sources

Posted by on November 11, 2008

The inspiration to write comes from a mysterious place for me. For example I was watching a television show this evening that weaves the stories of rude, toxic, and surreal characters, through a number of equally absurd situations.   And if not for the brilliance of dialogue and deep blanket of humanism these tales of personal tragedies and lucid debauchery would be far away from my television and likely still in some kitchen drawer somewhere.   During this show’s most recent episode, I heard a couple lines that sparked such a vomiting of existential internal dialogue on my part that I just started typing and thought I would share.

As we as humans dance in between the worlds of reason, rationalization, and purpose we find ourselves in a constant struggle between what is right and what is wrong.

The problem with this endless waltz is that neither exits. There is no right. There is no wrong. There are only the consequences of our actions and what effect they have on ourselves and those around us.

But this simple reality escapes our narrow vision as we search to categorize and toe tag every experience we have.  Each movement, each word, each success, and each transgression… all packaged into a statistic, study, or theory in hopes of discovering yet another theory as to what drives us forward.  The answer is Life.

Life is what moves us towards another day.  The days before drive the days ahead and everything we’ve done plots the map for what we shall become.

Many charlatans of reason will claim the past is not your future, that you can become anyone you wish to be at anytime.  However, the loop hole to this black hole of wisdom is that our past is, and always will be who we are.  The materialization of character is a myth of a biblical value.  We are all who we have learned to become, as the essence of change is a learned evolution not an offspring of decision.

The tragedy is within those that believe these charlatans of hope.  Some wait for a sign to validate their baseless desires, and hold tight to the vision of immediate change.  But immediate change demands the presence of a chaotic upheaval, an unwavering and unnerving catalyst that upends the foundation of what we believe.  Only then does immediate change stand a chance at existence.  Without this catalyst we live only for slight, enlightened evolutions, which lead us slowly and methodically to the place we wish to be or merely to where we have arrived.

There is no right. There is no wrong.  There are only the consequences of our actions, and our learned perceptions of the actions of others.

And once again, this post was inspired after watching a more absurd than normal episode of Californication. Go figure. I need to start watching more Reality TV. I’ll go to bed sooner.

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