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The Obama/McCain Debate 2008

Posted by on September 27, 2008

No matter which way your political pendulum swings or how absurd the United States election campaign has been, it is hard to deny the importance of this most recent Presidential Debate.

In a country that is divided on so many issues and desperately looking for a telling feature or phrase to help them cast their vote, this debate selivered those expectations.

There is such an overload of information for the American public that sometimes even making decisions based on the candidate’s policy platforms can be difficult depending on where you get your information. There is always a spinster ready to explain McCain’s “great” tax cutting plan or Obama’s voting record and it’s always someone else’s bias coming through in their reporting of the issues at hand. Its never been more important to learn the ability of reading between the lines.

For example, at the debate John McCain kept hammering out his boycott on spending, or maybe it was a ceasefire on spending, perhaps an abortion on spending…whatever, we all get the point that McCain wants to stop government spending.  This issue summed up the entire debate for me, for many questions McCain painted every topic with the swoop of one brush, rarely answering the question with a specific plan and opinion. In my view, he addressed the entire American public like I would address a grade 3 class while explaining the reproductive system; just get out the general facts, but don’t get too specific otherwise the discussion could get messy and I might have to answer things I don’t particularly feel comfortable answering.

And to address the spending issue, saying government spending is the problem with the economy is like saying all Muslims should be blamed for terrorism, which I hope everyone understands is obviously not that case.  Government spending is supposed to be used to help and build an economy, but when its all spent wastefully away from domestic issues and away from home, well, what you have is a proposed $700 billion bailout for the worst economic forecast since 1929.

If you took the $10 billion a MONTH the U.S. is spending in Iraq and you inject that into the economy it would be like giving a scurvy patient a bucket of Tropicana.  You could reform healthcare, help out citizens that have lost their homes, improve social programs, invest in alternative energy, and the list goes on and on and on. Remember, that’s $10 billion a month, give or take, over the past 5+ years, not including the cash spent on Freddie Mac, Frannie Mae and AIG recently.   So there is no debating if that money could have saved the economy, there’s just the question of how many amazing things could have been done.

I look at the two candidates and before the election I was indifferent on McCain, but now he reminds me of disgust and disdain I have for the current right-wing American voter and the apathy of the Democrats and Independant voters that gave their country to a band of unaccountable, irresponsible criminals and idiots for the past 8 years.  It makes me sick that a country with so much wealth and so much opportunity to give their citizens an unprecedented high standard of living and offer so much assistance to the rest of the world have fallen to the point we’ve arrived at today.  And it wasn’t a gracefull fall either; it was the equivalent of a drunk, power tripping police officer, falling down a flight of subway stairs after taking a swing at a hooker.

And on the other hand, I look at Senator Obama, and until today’s debate I was only a supporter by default. I was a Hillary supporter originally, and since I don’t at all agree with any Republican rhetoric or their views (as I believe they rarely make sense), Obama was the only choice left. But after this evening I was impressed to a level I didn’t think was possible.  Senator Obama not only stood his ground like the prodigal Democratic Candidate everyone has been waiting for since 2000, but he eloquently and with an abundance of class, fiercely showed the world who should be the next President of the United States of America.  Barack Obama is intelligent, composed, logical, and extremely quick on his feet.  He is everything a country should want in its leader. As Senator McCain produced a number faulty claims and ideals, Senator Obama poked holes is every step of his logic and platform, while respectable defending his reputation and policy beliefs.  All the while upholding the utmost respect for both the American people and the debate moderator.  What I like the most about Senator Obama is that he treats Americans like thinking adults, whereas I see McCain as a dog owner giving an animal medication by hiding it in a big cookie.

You may have policy differences with Senator Obama, you may not agree with his stance on healthcare, and you may think that it matters that he has no “executive experience” (as if this actually means anything) but to put this election into its barest, simplest terms; Everyone should want and badly desire a leader that understands that every country is based on its poor and middle class and every country owes their citizens a chance at a great life.  And to look at the Republican party and John McCain, it just seems to me like their entire philosophy was stolen from the game I used to play on snowhills and tree forts as a child.  “I’m the king of the castle, and you’re all the dirty rascals”.

Things need to change in the U.S. and I am on my final bit of dying hope that the American public will awake from its coma of ignorance and apathy and do themselves a favour by strongly voting for Barack Obama as their new Commander-in-Chief.

I wish my neighbours to the south all the best in the upcoming election.

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