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The Perfect Girl

Posted by on July 10, 2007

A smile like a friend you will never forget
Eyes that glisten like a timeless sunset
Her voice, angelic, inviting, and kind
Listens to my rambling till the ending of time
Laughter as none other with universal appeal
These make her perfect though still not real
Her heart, mind, compassion and soul
Coupled with myself we shall both be made whole
The juxtaposition of confidence and reverent fear
Common sense, humility, and only genuine tears
Respect, integrity, and a maturity that goes…
From adult to childhood without caring who knows
I once met an illusion of what love might hold
Yet it was only an apparition and I watched it unfold
Acquired a lifetime of wisdom
Forged in contemplative sorrow
Consolation comes in the world of tomorrow
I will search forever plus the day after that
Until I find my soulmate
My heart’s only match

Michael Joseph Cecchin

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