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The Writing Process (groan)

Posted by on February 19, 2010

Famous late author Kurt  Vonnegut said something along the lines of, “When I write, I feel like an armless and legless man with a crayon in my mouth.”

Aaaand that pretty much sums up the creative writing process.

Especially if you are very critical about your writing, no matter the form, it makes the process so much more painful at times. As most of you have noticed I have not been blogging with the frequency that I once did and there are a few reasons for that.  The least of which is that my priorities recently are focused more on my budding and sputtering online business. The life of an entrepreneur is nothing if not challenging, both to make the business a success and also in self-management.

Once you work for yourself you start with two major problems…

#1 Your only employee is lazy.

#2 Your boss is an asshole.

But aside from that, my writing has suffered because for the last year or so I have found the creative process very daunting.

Basically, I am out of practice.

Its like my jump shop. I could be sinking 3-balls for all of August, but take me off the court for a year and I could start building schools in Haiti with all the bricks I clank off the backboard.

The more we practice, the more defined the neural pathways in our brain become regarding whatever task we happen to be challenging ourselves with.  It doesn’t matter if its something simple like finding our way to the bathroom in a new office, or sitting down to write your first screenplay.

I used to write so often that making the transition between thought and blog post were nearly seemless, yet now it seems I am dragging myself through the mud with lead boots, chained to an anchor.

Now I have to find ways to force myself to write.

Its no shock that I have a lot of opinions, everyone should. Our entire lives should be a perpetual dance of assessing and reassessing our perspective of the world around us in comparison with the perspective of others.

And in deconstructing certain topics on Perfectly Turbulent I find my opinions evolving, and begrudgingly having to accept that sometimes time honoured opinions must be left in the dust.

If you have any topics you’d like me to deconstruct, or questions you’d care to hear me sound off on, please let me know.

Let’s dance…

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