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This just in…

Posted by on January 24, 2008

Sushi on a conveyor belt may sound like the coolest experience ever, but trust me, its problematic for guys like me whose appetite has no off switch. Well, the only time it turns off is when there truly is no more room remaining and it becomes too taxing to eat through the pain. Yet interestingly enough, at that point I still managed to fit two pieces of fried eggplant and a plate of broccoli.

This all you can eat sushi place nearly got the best of me last night in Barcelona. I mean at least at a buffet I have to walk around, take in the sights, you know, plan my attack.

But at the restaurant I ate in last night it wasn’t a planned strike and I was on the defensive. I felt like I was Pearl Harbour and the Japanese were coming at me from all sides. Maki Rolls, California rolls, chicken skewers, spring rolls, red tuna, crab, salmon…oh the salmon. There was literally no end in sight. The more enemy plates we knocked down the more they reloaded the belt and sent it kamikaze style towards our table. I felt bad for those tables around us because we were taking from both sides of the conveyor belt, grabbing like two homeless men at anything that looked different from the last thirteen plates we’d finished. At the end of twenty minutes we had a stack of plates emulating the Great Wall and a lower abdomen primed for 3 liters of Peptol Bismol.

I got up from my seat and literally waddled out of the restaurant like a cowboy after a 14 hour cattle herd. You think the moral of this story would be to pace yourself and eat less. Its not.

The moral of the story is to stay away from the noodles, rice bread, and large chicken ball like substances. They take up necessary room that could be used for at least another 10 minutes of gorging.

Lesson Learned.

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