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WASTEBOOK is a much more appropriate name

Posted by on August 1, 2007

It seems like I’m coming in contact with the new millennium of diseases. First I witness the carnage that is marriage and recently I’ve been directly affected by the epidemic that IS Facebook.

For those of you not familiar with the social networking website, it is similar to MySpace where you post a “profile” of yourself complete with pictures, contact info. and a personal information section, that for some users reads like the constitution.

Section 1b – loves romantic comedies

Section 15a-iii Can’t stand smokers etc.

The main difference I’ve found between Wastebook and MySpace is that Facebook is much more viral and latches onto your free time like a group of leeches latch onto your testicles in a lake. (bad experience once, we’ll discuss later).

The ease of use with Facebook’s picture sharing and uploading features puts MySpace to shame in my opinion. All pictures uploaded onto Facebook can be “tagged” where you can label the names of who is in the photo. Though this is handy and clever, it almost invites people to join Stalkers Anonymous.

I’m thinking Facebook saves real life stalkers hours and hours of time. Whereas before I’m sure they had to put in a lot of effort digging through trash and hiding in bushes. But now with Facebook, all of your stalking needs are provided to you in one handy website. What a convenience. Someone should make a YouTube commercial about that. All I ask for is credits on the concept.

I read a very small blog ARTICLE this morning that made a fantastic point.

Though Wastebook does claim to have over 30million users in its community, if the site permanently shut down, would it REALLY matter?? My take is that perhaps people would miss their outlet to slack at work, or the pictures they’ve downloaded, but in the long run everyone would just- GASP- pick up the phone – GASP GASP – and call the people that they’d like to be in touch with.

As for the rest of the fake friends, they would go back to where they belong, in our memories.

This way it would leave us all more time to concentrate on more important chores than creeping through different profiles and leave us more time to interact with several people that we love opposed to the hordes of people that we’ve met in passing.

Sure Facebook has its good points as well, but not good enough for me to write about.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think someone just wrote on my wall. So as my addiction takes hold, I beg of you to turn away from the light of your computer screen and walk back into society, you’ll thank me for it.

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