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We’re all geniuses

Posted by on January 22, 2009

Welcome to another installment of “Why the hell do we always say this?”

This is one that I personally use all the time, admittedly spitting in the eye of logic.

Typically, to provoke this saying, you’ve just come up with what you think is a great idea, be it for a marketing strategy, a solution to a problem, or even a place to eat dinner that night. You table your thought with the other parties involved and miraculously, someone else had the exact same thought. Wow big Wow.

To celebrate this serendipitous occasion either party usually pipes in with, “Hey, great minds think alike!” whereby there is usually smug smirking, light laughter, and possibly a high-five.

Why doesn’t this apply to those with less cerebral power? Last time I checked, there were plenty of dummies all thinking the same thing (see: Fox News).

In future I’m going to try tossing this concept into the mix whenever I share an obvious error with someone.

A possible couple examples:

* You’re at the mall and happen to drop a quarter, both yourself and a stranger go to pick up the quarter at the same time, effectively smashing your skulls together
* You’re in team play for Trivial Pursuit, you’re asked a specific question and you both confidently agree on the same answer… which turns out to be completely and embarrassingly incorrect. (see: Name a good hockey team? Answer: Toronto Maple Leafs)

If something like the above scenarios should ever happen to you, immediately throw out the line, “Hey, idiots think the same” then try for that high-five and see if you get any takers.

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