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When 2.0 Sharing Crosses The Line

Posted by on November 2, 2008

Web 2.0 and the social networking phenomenon has changed the way we communicate forever.  Once lost acquaintances and passersby have now become staples in our lives constantly reappearing in the forms of Status Updates and unsolicited pokes.  What used to be a host of static fond memories has now become yet another life story in our forever growing book of former faces.

Facebook, like blogging has given a voice to those that enjoy having an outlet of release.  I am certainly guilty of this.  With Facebook I can keep in contact with friends I would otherwise have lost contact with, I can promote this blog, and also share articles, videos, and information with my “friends” that I personally find interesting or important.  I don’t have to send this information to anyone, and it is strictly by choice for others to visit my profile, but its in the material we choose to post that is creating this monster of open information.

With social networking as it is today, the idea of privacy is being slowly stripped away.  Most times I find this evolution of sorts to be a step in the right direction, it gives the world another avenue from which to find connectivity that transcends languages and borders. But no matter the progress that is made there will always be those that will vault themselves over the line into the area of too much information.

The kings and queens of this royal line jumping are those that think Facebook is the perfect medium to display their ultrasound pictures as profile pictures.  To me this is crossing the line into absurd.  Some of these people  I haven’t spoken to or seen in real-life for over ten years and all of a sudden I am taking a welcome look at the inside of their uterus because I wanted to write them Happy Birthday.

I don’t need documented proof to believe you’re pregnant.  I get it, you, like most other humans are capable of procreation, congratulations.  If these people are so interested in sharing their wonderful news so intimately with us, why not take it a step further? Post a video for us of the conception that took place because mommy and daddy got really drunk at a party four months ago and forgot to wear a condom.  I mean, if you’re going to show us the result of the story, at least include the beginning and the climax as well.

I thankfully know of one married couple still walking along the line of sanity.  As I walked into their kitchen many months ago, there on their kitchen island in a small unassuming frame was the ultrasound of their now beautiful baby girl.  It was at this sight that I took a breath and smiled at the sight of common sense. Not only was this photo not in the living room for all to see, it was in their kitchen, where typically only those close in relation will share its space with you.  Its these people that will likely be a part of the child’s new life and therefore an ideal audience for your placenta’s debut.

Maybe in my aging years I am turning a tad prudish in my observations so I have to leave the door open to make amends if these uterus portraits become the norm.  If these pictures start showing up more often and the women of tomorrow shout in unison that their fetuses should be able to be seen by anyone that owns a computer, I will join them in their fight for acceptance.  I will voluntarily subject myself to a scrotal ultrasound and post the results to my Facebook profile. I will name the image Sydney (non-gender specific) and allow people to congratulate me on my healthy testicles.

And the evolution of our species continues…

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